Alarm Response Service

  • Armed guard response works with any alarm system.
  • Cost-effective, only a fraction of the cost of on-site guard service.
  • Largest response fleet - larger than all competitors combined.
  • Most experienced - hundreds of thousands of responses.
  • Most effective - scores of interrupted burglaries and criminal captures.

Virtual Guard and Patrol Service

  • Scheduled patrol tours.
  • Alarm verification.
  • Constant "Virtual Patrol" service.
  • Extremely Cost-Effective (in comparison to on-site guards).
  • Fully supported by our Armed Response Team.

Central Monitoring and Video Surveillance Service

  • Fully automated and redundant facility.
  • Processing of alarm, supervisory, environmental and special signals.
  • Digital, radio, cellular and internet communications methods.
  • Remote Video Monitoring (incidental, scheduled or continuous).
  • Direct communication maintained with field, supervisory and response units.